Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast | Children Returning to the Farm for Work - Harvest Series Episode

G’day farmers and welcome to the inaugural harvest series for the Farms Advice Podcast. Here we will dive behind the scenes to see how Australia gets the crop off with different viewpoints from across Australia. Sit back and relax in your header or tractor to listen to the experts work their magic. With two episodes each week you’ll have the time to think about your operation or even give your boss some good pointers.

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       Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast, Harvest Series | Byfields

Listen to Episode 1 - Children Returning to the Farm for Work - Harvest Series | Byfields by Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast • A podcast on Anchor


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Byfields are proud to sponsor Farms Advice, an independent podcast in Australia for agriculture to ensure that we’re a transparent industry that passes on new ideas, techniques, and technologies.


Disclaimer: This content provides general information only, current at the time of production. Any advice in it has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances. You should seek professional advice before acting on any material.

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