Byfields Staff Promotions


The Directors of Byfields are delighted to announce the promotion of two senior managers, Jack Hayes, and Mark Murgatroyd, to the position of Associate.

Jack, who hails from a farm in Badgingarra, has been an integral part of the Byfields Agribusiness team in our Perth office for nearly a decade. His passion for the agriculture industry, coupled with his keen interest in the latest farming practices and technology, has greatly contributed to the team’s success.

Beyond his extensive knowledge and exceptional IT skills, Jack’s ability to build strong relationships with clients across a wide geographical area, ranging from Yuna in the north to Esperance in the south, has been highly valued and instrumental to the growth of our business.

Mark, on the other hand, embarked on a diverse journey before joining Byfields. Originally from South Africa, he gained valuable experience working in both South Africa and Europe before finding his way to Australia in 2005.

Upon joining Byfields in January 2021, Mark has played a pivotal role in establishing and fostering the growth of our Esperance office. Specialising in serving business clients within the Esperance region, Mark firmly believes that attentive listening to clients’ needs and effective communication in plain English are the pillars of building exceptional client relationships.

Despite their contrasting backgrounds, both Jack and Mark possess exceptional accounting skills, making them valuable assets to our organisation.

We extend our warmest congratulations to them for their well-deserved promotions!

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