Pickering Brook Football Club - Indigenous Round

Come down and celebrate a huge day of culture and football!

The Pickering Brook Football Club is holding their Indigenous Round on Sunday 23rd July, at the Pickering Brook Sports Club.

Byfields Directors, Neil Hooper and Scott Smith are proud members of the 'Masters Team,' and will be playing in the round. 

2 jumpers have been designed for the round, by Indigenous artist Andrew "Bushy" Beck and Indigenous player, Brad Jetta:


The Pickering Brook Masters First Nation jumper (above) was designed by Andrew "Bushy" Beck and is based on the Kangaroo (Yonga).

The yonga is a significant animal for Indigenous people, with its meat used for protein and divided up among the tribe according to rank in family structure. The majority of the yonga's parts are used for other purposes. The skin of the yonga is used in summer as heat protection, and in winter, for warmth and protection from the rain. The bones are used for knives or pins. 

The Pickering Brook Hawks First Nation jumper (above) was designed by Brad Jetta and is based on the community of the footy club itself, and how although each player comes from different walks of life, they all come together as one to play the game they love. 

Brad has described that each of the dot painting circles represents loved ones who aren’t here anymore, whilst the white circles with the small U’s are a symbol of women with small children, representing the mothers, wives, and children of the players. The swirls in the middle of the orange lines represent the players, connecting and meeting in a meeting place - The symbol beneath the hawk - A representation of Pickering Brook Football Club. The grey writing on the bottom left of the jumper is the name of Jetta's Noongar clans including, 'Minang' which is down south Albany region, and 'Nadji Nadji' which is the Wheatbelt Bruce rock and Merredin region.

The schedule for the round is as follows:

  • Mazenod YR 7 White vs Mt Hawthorn @ 9.00am
  • Mazenod YR 8 White vs South Perth @10:40 am
  • Pickering Brook Ladies Vs Piara Waters Ladies @ 12:10 pm
  • Pickering Brook Masters Vs Piara Waters Masters @ 1:10 pm
  • Welcome to Country (With Bushy Beck) @ 2:15 pm
  • Pickering Brook Vs Swan View @ 2:30 pm

Good luck to everyone involved!

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